About Aero Modeler

Aero Modeler started in 2014 when a group of commercial pilots came up with an idea to implement airliners as RC models. Fueled with the passion to fly, as they were already flying RC models in their free time and flying as an airline pilot as a job, they decided to build their first model which is aimed to be 787-800 ARF (Almost Ready to Fly).

With the knowledge in the industry as a base as well as radio control experience of over twenty years, the first prototype came to life and was tested. The challenge just has become bigger as the first plane was extremely difficult to build.

With more prototypes being built, more and more tweaks were implemented in terms of quality assurance, ease of build, and improved flight characteristics, they finally land on a plane which is a joy to fly.

The team doesn’t stop here, as they are back at the drawing board for another models airliner (A380). This time, all the experience that has been gained in building the first airplane has eased the process to make new model building seamless and much faster.

Please stay tuned for future releases and information about the model airliners!